Why imastr?

A secure and flexible suite of services to improve the management of your workforce.

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Increase productivity

Pick and choose from a host of powerful services. Customise modules and reports, whilst creating workstreams to suit your business needs.

Real-time data and analytics

All of your data captured in real-time and available at the click of a button. KPI dashboard that will help you manage and analyse operations more effectively. Find answers to problems quicker and improve performance.

Available across web and mobile

Our services have been designed with simplicity in mind. A user friendly interface available across iOS and Android devices. Extend your capabilities by making your workforce more mobile.

Save time and effort

All of your key business applications under one roof. A suite of services that are designed to give you greater control over your business, ease of use and help run your daily tasks more effectively.

It’s all in the cloud


Reduced risk of hardware failure. Cloud-based applications that are hosted on virtual partitions which draw resources from an extensive network of underlying server capacity. No more need to physically host your servers.


Servers housed within Amazon AWS secure environment. Keeping your data protected and compliant, with ongoing maintenance to safeguard your information.

Scalable and flexible

Resource is available in real-time and on-demand. Not limited to the physical constraints of a specified number of servers. Automatically scaling capacity to ensure high performance and minimise sluggish activity.


Our load-balancing software instantly responds to changing demands across the deployed cloud hosting platform to maximise server utilisation and maintain effective throughput.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation requires a change to your business and organisational activities, processes, competencies and disciplines. Embracing such change will allow you to fully leverage new opportunities through a mix of digital technologies and accelerate growth with a more data driven approach.

Let imastr help you to digitise your business.

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